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Digital Re-Touching

Let Spectrum scan your negatives, transparencies or photographs and digitally re-touch to repair damage or enhance the image.

Re-touching is charged at:
The cost of the scan + £20 per 30 minutes digital re-touching (minimum charge) + The cost of the final print.
  Our professional Kodak Digital Film Scanner Koak professional film scanner  
All prices exclude V.A.T


For online ordering and payment facilities, please visit our sister websites:

  • E6 film processing - for colour slide film processing, printing, mounting and scanning.

  • B&W film processing - for all black & white film processing, scanning and printing.

  • Colour film processing - for all colour negative film processing, scanning and printing.

  • Prints from slides - for prints and scans from 35mm colour or B&W slides.

  • Giclee fine art printing - for high quality fine art printing onto various paper surfaces from digital or film media artwork or original paintings. This site also has a file upload facility .